"Working as a healthcare professional myself over the past 21 years, my life has continuously revolved around the concept of using conventional medicine to treat patients. So, when I began to suffer from multiple

signs and symptoms myself nine years ago, it was no surprise that I turned to conventional medicine for my own diagnosis and treatment. I endured multiple appointments and tests with over seven specialists, but never received a diagnosis. After nine years of searching without any answers, I decided to turn to Integrative Medicine. After an initial phone consultation with Dr. Devine, I knew I had made the right decision. After only one office visit, she had a thorough action plan for me to follow, finally giving me the hope that answers might be found. Within the month, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and a thyroid disorder.

Dr. Devine has continued to follow me every step of the way--creating a comprehensive healing plan utilizing micronutrient testing to direct the safe use of supplements, providing educational insight into my diagnosis, plus directing me to a total nutrition plan to restore my health. After all these years, Dr. Devine has not only given me the answers I was wanting, but the hope for a healthier future. She is truly a blessing in my life!"


"I've been seeing Dr. Devine for about four months. Prior to seeing Dr. Devine, I had been seeing various doctors at a different Integrative Health practice. I sought the council of an Integrative doctor to get a different perspective on hypothyroidism and managing blood sugar. My appointments with Dr. Devine have been much more in depth. Dr. Devine has taken the time to get to know me and my lifestyle which has helped shed light on the root cause of my symptoms. As opposed to a panel of tests, Dr. Devine took the time to identify specific tests that were relevant to me. She has also guided me on areas such as diet, activity level, and stress management. For example, her approach not only includes ideas on eating better, she has recommended specific foods and specific stress management practices. At other practices I have felt like doctors were trying to fit me into a predetermined generic protocol. With Dr. Devine, I feel she gained an understanding of my particular issues, how they related to each other and prescribed well thought through, well researched action plans. Dr. Devine is also up to date on the latest products and developments. I have gained such a new perspective from Dr. Devine, I highly recommend her!"


"Dr. Devine is truly fantastic. I am so thankful that I chose her as my doctor. I have had GI issues for most of my life, and Dr. Devine was the first person (out of many providers!) to figure it out. She is extremely intelligent and puts puzzle pieces together with information that I shared about my symptoms, past medical records and recent lab tests. She has quickly worked herself out of a patient in me because I am feeling so much better and have a plan to keep it that way in the future! Thank you Dr. Devine for your calm presence and empathic questioning style. I recommend you to anyone in need who wants a holistic lens applied to their body and health experiences."


"I met with Dr. Stacey Devine at Devine Integrative Healthcare on Friday, and for the first time since my cancer diagnosis, I feel EMPOWERED! We had a phone consultation first, and I completed all of my forms, including my history, medical issues, diet, etc. online. When I visited her office, Dr. Devine was more than prepared to start helping me right away. She had a plan for my upcoming radiation treatments, a diet plan to fight my cancer...and we are just getting started! I went to her for Integrative Oncology, but I'm looking forward to her working with me for Integrative Medicine as well- specifically with some stomach problems that no doctor has been able to successfully treat with medication. Dr. Devine truly listened to me, asked me questions, and presented me with so much useful information, all tailored to my specific health issues. When I left her office, I truly felt empowered to fight my cancer and, as her website says, to make my body "as inhospitable as possible to the growth and spread" of the cancer. I feel so fortunate to have found an integrative healthcare doctor who wants to treat the "whole me" and be a partner in my journey to wellness. Thank you, Dr. Devine!"

For more testimonials, look at my Google reviews, or my facebook page "Stacey Devine, M.D., PLLC". My current patients are my best source of referrals!

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