The decision to take supplements or botanical medicines should be made after a formal consultation. You have a unique medical history which can influence your nutritional needs and also how you metabolize nutrients and medications. There can be significant medication interactions and potential harm if they are taken incorrectly. I can evaluate your medical history and order testing to determine what your current nutrient needs are and then recommend specific foods or supplements to meet those needs.

Finding quality supplements and botanical medications is a challenge. Counterfeit products are being sold through discount online retailers. There have been undercover investigations that big box retailers have products that do not contain any of the active ingredient listed on the label and instead contain potentially harmful contaminants.  One of my goals is to help guide you to the best product for your body. If possible, I recommend the specific product that was used in research studies. I subscribe to Consumer Labs, which does independent off the shelf testing of products to ensure dosage and purity. I have partnered with Fullscript,  which is an online dispensary that gives me access to many professional grade supplement companies. My current patients will receive a discount to this site to ensure that they are able to purchase the best quality supplements and botanical medications available at competitive prices.

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