Integrative Medicine

A frequent question I get from people is, "how is this different than seeing my regular doctor?", or "how can this help me?"  I tell them that this is a different approach than our conventional model of care. I will help you optimize your health, not just treat the symptoms of disease. For example, if you go to the doctor for headaches you typically get a prescription to help your headaches. I want to get to the root of why you are having headaches in the first place. Together, we would evaluate your diet, your sleep, your stress and other factors that could be contributing to your headaches.  We may need to investigate for "outside the box" causes like: food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, or hormone imbalances. My goal would be to not only help you have less headaches but to improve your overall health. I can also offer treatments other than prescription medicines that may be just as effective with less side effects. Because each patient is unique, this process takes time and would not be possible in a typical 15 minute office visit. Traditional medical training focuses heavily on pharmaceutical treatments and very little on nutrition or other treatment options. I want to do more than "manage" your disease, I want to help give you the tools to reverse it.

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