Your First Steps Toward Health


First, we’ll schedule a discovery call at no cost to you. This step is required before we can formalize our patient/doctor relationship and helps us determine if we’re a good fit.


We’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire before your first appointment. This covers your lifestyle, medical history, and labs so Dr. Devine can review your records before you even arrive.


Your first appointment takes around 90 minutes. This extra-long session allows Dr. Devine to get to know you, the health conditions you’re dealing with, and your goals for healing.


Next, if necessary, we’ll order lab tests tailored to your specific situation. Dr. Devine will also give you some initial action steps, including nutritional approaches like elimination diets.


After four weeks, you’ll return for an appointment where Dr. Devine will explain what your lab results mean, reassess your symptoms, and refine your step-by-step plan for recovery.


As time goes on, we’ll adjust as needed, to help you experience complete healing and deep wellness. Dr. Devine is available to maintain a long-term relationship as your health needs may change.

Start Your Journey To Wellness