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About Dr. Devine

From a young age, Dr. Stacey Devine loved studying science and helping people. Blending these passions, she went on to earn her medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina and became a family physician.

While she loved seeing a variety of people and treating diverse conditions, Dr. Devine became tired of surface-level disease management. She was reluctant to prescribe yet another pill to treat symptoms. While the average practice encouraged hurried patient care, she longed to spend more time with each person and go deeper into the root cause of their illness.

Additionally, as a young mother in her 30s, Dr. Devine wanted to set a better example for her family. Since typical medical training focused heavily on disease management, she was eager to gain more tools to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle in her treatment.

This led Dr. Devine to further her training at the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Through combining her medical expertise with other lifestyle-oriented methods, she found she could offer paradigm-shifting treatment that produced long-term results.

Dr. Devine started her own practice to give patients a more comprehensive approach to healing. She creates custom plans that address the whole person with the goal of helping them achieve deep wellness.

In her free time, Dr. Devine enjoys reading, cooking (when she’s not rushed!), and spending time outdoors with her husband and three children.



Board Certifications

Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine



Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona



UPMC St Margaret, Family Medicine


Medical School

Medical University of South Carolina, MD


“Dr Stacey Devine has been an invaluable resource for my patients who are seeking additional assistance with integrative options to manage their chronic illnesses. She has an outstanding, compassionate demeanor and she genuinely listens to her patients’ concerns. I am always confident that my patients will receive a thorough workup and intelligent suggestions to better adjust their lifestyles after they have seen her.”

– Dr. Barbara Meyer, Family Medicine Physician

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