Integrative medicine

Deep Health

Your Journey To Wellness

Dr. Stacey Devine is an MD with advanced training in Integrative Medicine, dedicated to helping you experience fuller health.

Uncover the root of your illness

Reverse chronic disease

Develop a healthy lifestyle

The Obstacles

Dealing with complex health issues can be complicated and frustrating. Many people:

Feel unwell for a long time without a diagnosis


Visit countless medical specialists


Want natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals


Feel like no one is really listening to their whole story

Discovering Your Path


Receive unrushed, thoughtful care. Dr. Devine invests the time to hear your full story, from your history, to your lifestyle, to the symptoms you’re experiencing today.


See the pieces come together. Drawing from experience in conventional, integrative, and functional medicine, Dr. Devine will work to uncover the root cause of your illness.


Restore your health from the inside out. Using evidence-based methods from all medical disciplines, we will develop a treatment plan customized to you.

Meet Dr. Devine

From a young age, Dr. Stacey Devine loved studying science and helping people. Blending these passions, she went on to earn her medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina and became a family physician.

While she loved seeing a variety of people and treating diverse conditions, Dr. Devine became tired of surface-level disease management. She was reluctant to prescribe yet another pill to treat symptoms. While the average practice encouraged hurried patient care, she longed to spend more time with each person and go deeper into the root cause of their illness.


“Dr. Devine is awesome. She is dedicated to helping you make positive changes in your life. She will focus on your health goals. She spends quality time with you and doesn’t rush your appointments. Beginning my healthcare journey with Dr. Devine was one of the best decisions ever.”

Dawn M.

“Dr. Devine is thorough, knowledgeable, empathetic, and proactive in guiding a patient’s health. I am so glad I connected with her!”

Tammy C.

“Dr. Devine is what I have been looking for – a medical expert that did not rush through my history, asked for my health intentions and offered powerful suggestions. If you are looking for a brilliant doctor that will personalize your healthcare plan and take the time when you need it, she is the one!”

Laura M.

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